Hi-Fiber 115

HI Fibre 115 is a physically-treated vegetable natural 4ibres (cellulose + hi- tech polysaccharides, soluble + insoluble), providing:

  • Improvement of the general texture (better softness, lower hardness, lower gumminess and chewiness)
  • Increase in volume with more regular crumb cells
  • Better mouth-feel, freshness perception, staling retarding effect


Hi Fibre 115 is a very versatile ingredient offering strong functionality such as:

  • Large water absorption and binding ability (like 4ibers)
  • High viscosity and gel formation (like gums and unlike conventional 4ibers), already in cold conditions but even better in hot conditions such as pasteurization or cooking.
  • Stability (hot and cold)
    Clean label: pure vegetable 4iber (Ingredient, no Additive)
  • NO E-numbers, NO Chemicals, NO Allergens, LOW dosage
  • Cost-in-use advantages