Hi Shield

Hi-Shield P (corn derivative for gluten free) and Hi-Shield Wheat (wheat derivative) are innovative natural antimicrobials for all bakery products, salad dressings and food industry, with mild taste and weak acid notes.  Hi-Shield P and Hi-Shield Wheat can be used also as natural flavor enhancers.  They are natural products from a fermentation processes where selected strains of lactic-acid bacteria and yeasts are able to produce natural organic acids:

  • Lacticacid
  • Aceticacid
  • propionicacid


Hi Shield can be combined with other antibacterial agents (Calcium propionate, vinegar, acetic acid, …) replacing chemical preservatives in recipes for clean label claims


Some other benefits are:

  • clean label
  • salt reduction
  • natural flavor enhancement and improver by increasing the sour taste as well as salty tastes