Sugar provides more than sweetness to foods. When the sweetness of foods containing sugar are replaced with sweeteners (for example high-intensity sweeteners) to reduce the calorie content, other key attributes are often sacrificed. For this reason, other ingredients (bulking agents) are needed to make up with the missing properties. HI-FOOD research has focused on an innovative, viscous, semi-solid system able to replace syrups not from a sweetness stand point but as a texturizing and bulking agent. The low calories together with the insignificant content of sugars carried by Meltec allow it to be used to replace syrups in products where the sugars and the energy value need to be reduced. Reductions by 30% (or more) have been successfully reported. 

Meltec (patent pending technology) is a natural semi-solid ingredient similar to a syrup with no added sugar suitable for sugar free applications. It is similar to honey and sugar syrups.  The structure is long and thick due to the fibrous nature with both soluble and insoluble fibers. Based on natural vegetable fibers from legumes and cereals (in particular from brans and cuticles) with some residual water Meltec is able to replace sugars and syrups in many different applications (bakery, fillings, sauces, confectionary, ice cream, beverage, candied fruits, bars and not only). Product characteristics:

  • Humectant, thickener, texturizer and binding agent
  • Cryoprotectant & effect on freezing point
  • Neutral in taste and odorless
  • Soluble in water
  • Additive replacement (i.e. Sorbitol, Glycerin)