energySMART is a novel ingredient produced from a proprietary ratio of concentrated fruit juices and grain dextrin originally developed to be used in the place of refined sugars in a wide variety of food and confections. In addition to superior binding and humectant properties, energySMART provides “sustainable energy” attributable to the proprietary. Ratio of slowly digestible carbohydrates.

Available as a syrup or granular, energySMART is used extensively in protein bars, sports gels, energy shots and diabetic friendly formulations. energySMART has shown in studies to provide an initial burst of energy followed by a longer lasting span of energy that doesn’t result in the “sugar crash” associated with sucrose and other carbohydrate sources. energySMART should be a staple “go to” ingredient within the research and development group of any company affiliated with bars, cookies, cereals, sports nutrition or diabetic friendly food products.