FiberSMART® is an all-natural plant based soluble fiber intended to be used in foods and beverages as a bulking agent, to replace sugars and fats, or to supplement nutrition in existing formulations. With greater than 89% dietary fiber by traditional AOAC methodology FiberSMART® can be added to increase fiber content without sacrificing taste or texture. As a Non GMO Project certified ingredient FiberSMART® is a clean label alternative for many traditional foods.

FiberSMART® Soluble Fiber can be used in a wide variety of prepared foods, baked goods, beverages (dairy & non-dairy), candy, cereals and granola bars, condiments and dressings, confections, frozen desserts, gravies and sauces, meal replacements, pasta and grain products, processed fruits including processed dried fruits, fruit drinks, carbonated beverages, and flavored water.